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1: Dominance – High "D" Style

• Lead with the big picture.

• Provide them with options and clearly describe the probabilities of success in achieving goals.

• Allow them the opportunity to make choices.

• Set boundaries, but let them take charge.

2: Influence – High "I" Style

• Provide "special" incentives to inspire them to go the whole nine yards.

• Show them how they can look good in the eyes of others.

• Create short-term contests that do not require long-term commitment.

• Reward them in front of others.

• Let them speak about their achievements.

3: Steadiness – High "S" Style

• Show how their work benefits others.

• Show how the outcome will provide security for their family.

• Connect their individual work to the benefit of the whole team.

• Get them to see how their follow-through links to a greater good. • Show how it can strengthen their relationships with others.

4: Conscientious – High "C" Style

• Appeal to their need for accuracy and logic.

• Keep your approach clear, clean and procedural.

• Better yet, provide illustration and documentation.

• Avoid exaggeration and vagueness.

• Show them how this is the best available current option.

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