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DISC - Newsletter #044 Helping People

1: Dominance – High "D" Style

• Talk in terms of bottom line and achievement.

• Focus on results with quick benefit statements.

• Do the analysis and present solutions for them to approve or reject.

• Give them choices backed with enough data and analysis to make an intelligent decision.

• Make it clear that you will handle the details and deliver end results.

• Agree on goal and boundaries, the support, or get out of their way.

• Let them take the lead, when appropriate, but give them parameters.

2: Influence – High "I" Style

• Interact and participate with them when showing how your products can meet their needs.

• Show that you are interested in them, let them talk and be enthusiastic.

• Illustrate your ideas with stories and emotional descriptions that can relate to their interests.

• Clearly summarize details and direct these toward mutually agreeable objectives and action steps.

• Make suggestions that allow them to increase their prestige, image, or recognition.

• Give them your attention and time.

• Support their feelings when possible.

3: Steadiness – High "S" Style

• Show how you will stabilize, simplify or support procedures and relationships.

• Present new ideas in a non-threatening way.

• Clearly define their roles and goals and include specific expectations of them in your plan.

• Explain why change may be necessary and how long the changes will take.

• Show the appropriate steps to follow.

• Avoid rushing them and offer personal, concrete assurances, when appropriate.

4: Conscientious – High "C" Style

• Provide data to them in writing.

• Base your claims on facts, specifications and data.

• Allow them to think, inquire and check before they make decisions.

• Provide explanations and rationale.

• Tell them the pros and cons and the complete story.

• Follow through and deliver on what you promise.

• Respond formally and politely.

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