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DISC - Newsletter #052 Inviting People Back and Following Up

1: Dominance – High "D" Style

• Follow up to find out if they have any complaints and address them immediately.

• Impress upon them your intent to stand behind your product or service.

• Stress that you will follow up without taking much of their time.

• Whatever the promise, make sure you deliver on everything you offer.

• Appreciate and acknowledge them when possible.

2: Influence – High "I" Style

• Provide ongoing reminders that they made the right decision.

• Give plenty of assistance immediately after the contact.

• Ask them to share their testimonials about you and your product with others.

• Be certain they actually use your product or they may get frustrated and cancel or return.

• Ask for referrals since they know a lot of people and desire recognition from others.

3: Steadiness – High "S" Style

• Give them your personal guarantee that you will remain in touch, keep things running smoothly.

• Follow-up consistently.

• Develop a predictable relationship that is more than just another business acquaintance.

• Be available on an "as needed" basis.

• Continue to build the relationship with low-key, personalized attention and assistance.

4: Conscientious – High "C" Style

• Set a specific timetable for when and how you will measure success.

• Continue proving your reliability, quality, and value.

• Make yourself available for follow-up on customer satisfaction and ask for specific feedback.

• Send tips for improved usage or shortcuts.

• Get back to them quickly with responses to their suggestions and how they may be incorporated.

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