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1: Dominance – High "D" Style

• "D's" usually do not look for personal relationships at work due to their focus on accomplishing tasks.

• With "D's," do not rely on past sales to ensure future purchases. Follow up to find out if they have any complaints or

problems with your product. If they do have complaints, address them immediately.

• Impress upon your customer your intent to stand behind your product or service.

• Stress that you will follow-up without taking much of their time.

• You may also want to offer a money-back guarantee.

• Whatever the promise, make sure you deliver everything you offer!

2: Influence – High "I" Style

• "I's" frequently buy before they're sold which may lead to buyers' remorse.

• "I's" can benefit from ongoing reminders that they have made the right decision.

• Reinforce their decision by giving plenty of assistance immediately after the sale.

• Be certain they actually use your product or they may get frustrated from incorrect usage and either put it away or

return it for a refund.

• Since they mingle with so many people, you can even ask "I's" if they'd be willing to share their glowing testimonials

about you and your product with others.

• If they are feeling smart for using your product or service, most "I's" will give you more referrals than the other three

styles combined!

3: Steadiness – High "S" Style

• Follow-up consistently with an "S".

• Give them your personal guarantee that you will remain in touch, keep things running smoothly, and be available on an

"as needed" basis.

• "S's" like to think they have a special relationship with you; that you are more than just another business acquaintance;

they prefer a continuing, predictable relationship.

• Give them your cell number, along with an invitation to call you any time with any concern. They will rarely use it, but

will feel secure knowing it's available to them.

• They dislike one-time deals, so follow up to maintain your relationship.

• Impersonal, computerized follow-up is not very appealing to "S's", so continue building your relationship with low-key,

personalized attention and assistance.

4: Conscientious – High "C" Style

• Set a specific timetable for when and how you will measure success with the "C". Continue proving your reliability,

quality and value.

• Make yourself available for follow-up on customer satisfaction and ask for specific feedback on the product or service

performance record.

• If you have tips for improved usage or user shortcuts, email them to your "C" customers.

• You should also ask for their ideas and opinions for how to improve your products and/or services.

• When they offer you their suggestions, get back to them about how your company is incorporating their ideas into

upgrades into future upgrades, revisions or new products.

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