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1: Dominance – High "D" Style

• Describe what results are desired.

• Show the gap between actual and desired.

• Clearly suggest the needed improvement and establish a time to get back to you: "We need to streamline communication so that one hand knows what the other is doing. Last month, we had two separate divisions calling on the same CEO for corporate donations. I want you to work up a plan to keep everybody informed of who's working on what so we do not duplicate our efforts. Get back to me by the end of the week."

2: Influence – High "I" Style

• They avoid facing problems and if pressure persists, may walk away from the problem.

• Sometimes stress manifests itself in animated panic. "I can't talk now, Hal. It's really hit the fan this time!"

• Let them specifically know the challenge and define the behaviors to solve the problem.

• Confirm the mutually agreeable action plan (in writing) to prevent future problems.

• Use positive, optimistic questions and phrases: "How'd you like to increase your sales to your normal range and beyond?"

3: Steadiness – High "S" Style

• Reassure them that you only want to correct a specific behavior, not them personally

• They tend to take things personally, so remove the "something is wrong with you barrier" as quickly as possible

• Point out in a non-threatening way what they are already doing right while also emphasizing what needs changing:

"Norma, I admire your persistence, but we have to add more details to the proposal before we send it out. For example..."

4: Conscientious – High "C" Style

• Show them how to get a job done and they will master and modify it to suit their needs.

• Specify the exact behavior that is indicated and how you would like to see it changed.

• Mutually agree on checkpoints and timeframes.

• Allow them to save face, as they fear being wrong. "Nelson, your work here is typically done neatly and on time. Now that we are switching to computers, you will be able to turn out the same quality of work faster. I'd like you to take this computer class..."

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