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The Kids DISC assessment is an opportunity for children to learn more about themselves! Inside the report, kids, and the adults around them, will discover how special and unique they are. Each child’s bird style is their superpower, and the Kids DISC assessment by DISC TALENT helps them be the best that they can be.


The Eagle

Motto: I got this!

When you picture an Eagle, what do you see? Eagles are powerful birds who fly high in the sky above the forests, lakes, and rivers. They are at the top of the food chain! If they see something they want... WHOOSH! They dive down and get it.

Kids with the Eagle style are confident, determined, and competitive. They say what they think and do what they want. They take charge and take action. They make quick decisions and aren’t afraid of risks. They love to win and hate to lose.

kis disc engle.jpg

The Parrot

Motto: We can do it!

Imagine a Parrot in the canopy of the jungle with all their bird friends. Can you hear the noisy Parrot cawing out loud? Do you see the bright, colorful feathers that attract everyone’s attention? Can you picture all the fun that Parrot has flapping around with other birds?

Kids with the Parrot style are enthusiastic, smiley, and social. They love to talk, laugh, and joke around with friends. They try new things and come up with wild ideas. To be a Parrot is to be the life of the party—and a bit of a mischief maker!

The Dove

Motto: Let's help each other!

Picture a white Dove on a shady, quiet tree branch. The Dove coos softly and kindly with a few other birds. The Dove would never hurt anyone. The Dove is there to support other birds and keep them out of trouble.

Kids with the Dove style are thoughtful, helpful, and caring. They love to do nice things for others. They think about how others feel and always try to serve their needs. Doves have big hearts and share their love freely.

kids disc dove .jpg
kids disc owl.jpg

The Owl

Motto: Be smart about it!

Picture an Owl perched in a nest with wide-open eyes. The Owl notices every little detail of the forest—every color, every animal, every gust of wind. The forest is fascinating and fills the Owl with curiosity and questions. The Owl wants to know everything.

Kids with the Owl style are precise, analytical, and careful. They have a reason for everything they do and say. They are organized and consistent. They like to plan ahead and learn everything they can before making decisions.

Kids DISC was designed for kids, parents, teachers, and more

Gain a deeper understanding of a child and their behavior with the Kids DISC assessment. Created especially for kids, using language that they understand, the Kids DISC report offers significant insights based on the assessment. With three distinct sections for kids, parents, and teachers, this report contains helpful information for the child and the adults in their lives.

Screenshot 2021-09-24 171342.jpg

At school, with friends, and around family

The Kids DISC report is far more than simply an examination of a single child’s behavioral style. It is packed with details designed to teach children to adapt, interact, and better communicate with their peers, teachers, and families. In the parent and teacher sections, you’ll discover what the child needs from you to thrive and specific suggestions to support them in ways they will understand.


Validated. Reliable. Compliant.

A Scientific Solution for Professionals.

Our assessments are leading by example with independent validation meeting APA, EEOC, AERA, and NCME standards. Our goal is to ensure the trust of both our members and end-users alike by providing the most accurate and reliable assessments available. This is why we believe in a policy of total transparency, with every study's report available for your review, and available to be shared with your clients and colleagues. In an apples-to-apples comparison, we believe our assessments and reports will prove to be the top choice among industry professionals who value accuracy, compliance, and objectivity.


Strong foundations help support a bright future.

Birds represent the behavioral styles of Kids DISC, and just like our internationally recognized DISC Self assessment, no single Bird (DISC Style) is the “right” one to be. All the Birds have strengths and challenges. However, one thing is certain; they help make up who we are, enabling each of us to lead happy and productive lives.

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