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Talking in Headset
Giving a Presentation
Audience and Lecturer
1-1 Consultation


We provide 45 minutes 1 to 1 consultation service and coaching to go over the report detail process with the student and client. After this initial consultation, we follow up with the client to recommend an appropriate service for their needs. (webinar "Zoom")

In-house Accreditation


The in-house program is available for groups who have 10 or more participants. This option means we can come to you and conduct the accreditation as a private training. The in-house program allows us to customize the training to suit your needs. This is well suited to larger training, coaching, or consulting practices with individuals who want to get accredited together. Get in touch with our team to arrange a quote for your team.

Public Programs


We run the Self Accreditation regularly DISC Public Programs around Malaysia. We use modern, professional training venues centrally located to transport and in each city.  

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