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1: Dominance – High "D" Style

• Ask D's what they want to accomplish, how they are currently motivated and what they

would like to change

• Clarify the purpose for asking questions

• Stay focused on goals and objectives

• Make questions practical, logical, and straightforward

• Keep questions direct and to the point

• Get to the point of the coaching session

2: Influence – High "I" Style

• Get I's talking about themselves and their interests

• Establish personal relationships before asking questions about business

• Ask about their aspirations and recognize their need to be valued and listened to

• Ask about personal needs they want filled

• Support their ideas

• Gently keep them on topic

3: Steadiness – High "S" Style

• Speak warmly and informally, asking open questions that draw them out

• Show tact and sincerity in exploring their needs

• Avoid confrontations and challenging questions

• S's may tell you what they think you want to hear

• Allow time for S's to open up and reveal their needs and concerns

• Ask them whose assistance they may need

4: Conscientious – High "C" Style

• Ask questions that reveal their expertise and knowledge

• Ask logical, fact oriented, relevant questions

• Phrase questions that require specific, accurate information to be shared

• Focus questions on processes and efficiency

• Ask questions that reveal a clear direction

• Ask questions that show you are prepared for the coaching session

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