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The purpose of this book is to help reader’s master three core concepts: the Platinum Rule, DISC behavioural styles, and the seven motivators, and apply them to real-life and work situations. In this book, we will introduce the psychological background and relevant research of these three concepts, enabling readers to understand their theoretical basis and practical significance.

Our goal is to help readers improve their leadership and team effectiveness; enhance their interpersonal and emotional intelligence skills. We believe that by understanding and applying the Platinum Rule and DISC behavioural styles, readers will be better equipped to manage their personal and professional relationships, thus achieving greater success and satisfaction in their careers and lives.

In this book, we will combine psychological theory and practical case studies to provide a range of application tools and skills to help readers better understand themselves and others, and establish stronger relationships with them. We believe that these tools and skills will help readers better manage their teams, improve their careers, and handle interpersonal relationships better in their daily lives.

沟通心法 The Art Of Communication

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